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Why invest in ESG?

Investing in non-financial factors such as Environmental, Social and Governance is key to a sustainable future. Companies increasingly need to set goals and measure the impact of their actions, commiting to sustainable development through transparency. Once you join the free market with 2W, you will have access to several solutions that put your company on the right path towards sustainability.


ESG Journey

Understand ESG criteria, how to monitor them, and your company’s maturity. Is it ready to meet market demands? Find out with our ESG Journey.

Carbon inventory

Find out the amount of direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2 and 3) greenhouse gas emissions generated by your company through the GHG Protocol – the most used method by companies and governments.

Image consulting

See how to value your company’s sustainable actions and position it in the market to strengthen the brand and attract new customers.

Electric vehicle charging station

Brazil already has more than 130,000 electrified vehicles. With 2W, you can offer your clients personalized chargers or recharge totems at strategic points.

Energy efficiency

Develop energy efficiency projects, optimize processes, and reduce energy consumption.

Carbon credit

Offset your greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon credits from clean energy generated in our wind farms.


Renewable energy

Join the Free Energy Market, choose a supplier, negotiate payment terms – and save on your bill.

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Green Finance

A free digital business account that grants easy credit for Free Energy Market members, committed to a sustainable future.

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