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LGPD – Contact Channel with Personal Data Holders

2W Ecobank, in order to comply with LGPD (General Data Protection Law), makes this communication channel available to holders so that they can issue their requests and obtain information on the processing of their personal data.

Mr. Adriano Jucá is 2W Ecobank’s appointed DPO (Data Protection Officer), who will receive messages from holders via email at dpo@2wecobank.com.br .

When sending an email message to the DPO, eventually 2W Ecobank may ask for relevant information (and even documents) that confirm whether the requester is the data holder or legal representative, as a way of guaranteeing the protection of the privacy of the holders.

It is important to say that the data holder can also be attended to non-digitally, by sending a notification to the care of the DPO at our office address.

This way, 2W Ecobank, as controller of personal data, fulfills its role and grants free access and due transparency required by the LGPD.
Any questions please get in touch.

Yours sincerely.