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About 2W Ecobank

What is 2W Ecobank and what does it do?


We are a genuinely sustainable company that, for over 15 years, has been offering renewable energy, green finance and sustainability solutions in one place.

Where can I find 2W's Financial Statements?


Financial information can be found on the company's R.I (Investor Relations) web page by clicking here.

Free Energy and Agregga - Join the Free Market

What is Free Energy and Agregga?


Free Energy and Agregga are 2W's solutions for the Free Energy Market with no contracting costs, providing savings, renewable energy and active management of consumption in a digital way.

What do I need to do to become a Free Energy or Agregga client?


We will analyze your current energy bill, and by signing the contract you will become a 2W clients, getting benefits of the Free Energy Market right away. To get an offer click here.

How much will I spend to hire Free Energy or Agregga?


You won’t spend anything at any time - and you’ll also have savings on your energy bill. 

As a client, how can I track my daily consumption?


You can track all of your consumption on the Customer Portal. And you will also have access to an exclusive concierge service.

What is the risk of running out of energy in the free market?


By joining the free market, the local distributor continues to be responsible for ensuring that energy reaches your company.

Wave - Distributed Generation

What exactly is 2W Wave?


2W Wave is a digital solution, available in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, which brings solar energy to your business or home, reducing electricity bill costs without having to invest in equipment or works.

How? The power plant is ours, and we distribute it to users like you, who want to have clean energy, pay less and be a conscious consumer, actively collaborating to the well-being of the environment.

What do I need to be a Wave client?


It's quite simple. Take a look at the criteria for becoming a Wave client:

  • Be an individual or legal entity;

  • Have a CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities) for forming a Consortium or a CPF (Issuance of Individual Taxpayer Registry) for a Cooperative;

  • Energy bills from $500 BRL;

  • Go through credit and consumption profile analysis;

  • Energy bill with consumption history of at least 12 months;

  • The ownership of the energy bill must be the same as the contracting person;

  • Not living in the countryside.

Why can Wave give discounts on my current electricity bill?


2W Wave has a series of solar plants located in strategic regions throughout the country. In addition to being renewable and inexhaustible, the generated energy is much cheaper since it is encouraged by the government and because the technology costs for this generation decreases year by year. This is how we guarantee savings on your electricity bill.

What bureaucratic processes Wave does for me?


Two steps are necessary for you to consume clean and less expensive energy from our solar plants:

  • We place you “under” a cooperative (individual) or consortium (legal entity) so that you can consume energy produced by our solar plants;
  • We let your distributor know that we will now be the energy supplier for your home/company.

This process takes an average of 60 days.

How long does it take to start paying less for energy?


In up to 60 days! It's the time it takes us for the transition process and for you to start saving and consuming clean energy.

Do I need to renovate my house or spend money on equipment?


No! Just subscribe and track your savings on our website. Fast and easy.

What will my electricity bill look like?


It's much simpler than it seems. You will receive two invoices: one from the distributor and the other from 2W Ecobank. On the distributor's bill, you will see the amount of energy consumed, the energy generated by your solar plant and the distributor’s fees related to the energy delivery at your home. On the 2W Ecobank bill, you will find the amount to be paid for the energy you consumed in the period. 

How do I track my spending?


On our website, you'll have exclusive access to a follow-up screen with all your energy consumption history and how much you've been saving since your subscription to 2W Wave.

What happens if I cancel my contract with Wave? Am I at risk of running out of power?


We have two types of contract: with fidelity and without fidelity. If you prefer a contract without fidelity, you can cancel it without having to pay any type of fine, fee, much less run the risk of running out of energy. Don't worry. Just notify us of the cancellation 90 days in advance.

What if the power goes out in my house?


Your distributor is responsible for delivering energy to your home, regardless of who the generator is. If your bills with 2W are up to date, in case of a power outage, you should talk to your distributor, as you probably already do nowadays in such cases. 

What if I don’t pay my 2W Wave bill in time? What if it's the distributor's bill?


In both scenarios, the same thing that already happens in your home/business today will take place. If within 30 days you do not settle payments, your energy is cut.

Why does my registration need to be reviewed?


Like the vast majority of companies in different segments, we need to do a basic check of your payment history, as well as studying your consumption profile. Basically, it’s similar to when you apply for your credit card at a store, for example.

Can I be a 2W Wave customer while renting?


Yes, you can! And the best part: you can request your transfer at any time. That is, if you decide to move, we will be with you. Just let us know 60 days in advance.

How is my discount calculated?


Currently, the energy distributor charges you for both the costs for energy distribution as well as the costs for the energy consumed. By joining 2W Wave, you will pay the distributor for the energy distribution costs, while you will pay 2W for the energy credits generated by distributed generation. These credits will be deducted from the distributor's account, and by adding up the two invoices there will be a discount on the combined energy tariff.

And the best part: when your allotment produces more energy than necessary, you will have credits to use in next months, unlike what happens today when you are even charged for the energy produced in excess.

Economy for sure, right?

What happens if I move?


Simply put: practically nothing happens. If you wish to continue with Wave's services, simply request the address transfer 60 days in advance and we'll take care of everything else.

Is 2W Wave a solution supported by 2W Energia?


Yes! 2W Wave is a solution developed, studied and offered directly by 15 years' expertise of 2W Ecobank. You will have full support from our team whenever you need it.

Energy Consultant - 2W and U

What does a 2W consultant do?


The 2W consultant is responsible for prospecting companies for the free energy market.

How do I become a 2W consultant?


Easy! Simply fill in the form by clicking here.

How much money do I get as a 2W consultant?


You will receive a cash prize if you schedule a meeting with a potential client. And it will also be awarded if 2W closes the contract with the client. Cool huh?

What requirements do I need to be a consultant?


The consultant's activities are essentially commercial, so we are looking for people with a sales profile and an interest in commercial activities – especially people with a good network and/or with sales experience. As we have energy solutions, people with energy knowledge and willing to work with commercial activities are also welcome!